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Protein Pancakes & Gooey Clean Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate pancakes

I’m hugely into nutrition and healthy eating…but I have a very sweet tooth!

I’m also a big believer in treating yourself a couple of times a week as we all need something to look forward to! The 80/20 approach really works for Fainche and I – we try to eat good, healthy unprocessed food as much as possible during the week and then we factor in a couple of treats into the weekend to stop us going crazy! Seriously though we find that a ‘cheat’ meal or two stops us craving the ‘bad’ stuff and keeps us satisfied. It’s easier to be healthy during the week when you have indulged a bit at the weekend!

Since I have a sweet tooth my biggest temptation is usually chocolate, so I make variations of clean desserts using cacao powder (raw unprocessed chocolate). Some previous recipes are up here on the blog including our favourite avocado chocolate mousse. I’ve discovered another delicious use for cacao recently though so I thought I would share my newest favourite dessert with you. This is amazing and really hits the spot if you need a chocolate fix! Its rich and ¬†gooey but also has lots of nutrients and goodness – more about that ¬†below.

First the recipe for my Protein pancakes with Gooey Clean Chocolate Sauce….