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How to Fit in Your Work Out

rsz_1blog_workout_4We all know that exercise is important. Besides maintaining weight it also has great benefits for our mood, our circulation (which benefits our skin) and our energy levels. It also has the added bonus of raising our metabolism so even at rest we are burning more calories

The main problem for most people though is finding a way to fit it in. Our lifestyles today are so busy and living in a country with very little sunshine and constant rain presents a further challenge! We know ourselves that you can have the best of intentions but sometimes life just gets in the way.

However, in the same way, there will always be a reason not to exercise so you do have to make it a priority. Any exercise is better than none but regularity is better than intense bursts. It has to become a habit but also be manageable with all your other commitments. The key is finding what works for you. Here’s our top tips for creating an exercise plan that will stick… (more…)

It’s not always A or B…learn to see the C!

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I think a major obstacle for people in improving their health, is the all or nothing attitude, that causes us to give up or prevents us even starting. We feel that in order to be healthier or happier we must do x y or z and if we can’t manage to do those things, then we have failed. A key factor in long-term health though is flexibility – if you intend to make something a part of your daily life, then you have to find ways to make it work in your daily life – in other words you have to embrace the c!

Here’s just three examples of how ‘seeing the C’ can help you keep your health goals on track!