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Healthy Food = Healthy Skin!

Healthy eating has so much more benefits than just maintaining weight or preventing disease. What you eat has an impact on so many areas which is why we have made it a lifestyle for us Рwe have seen all the results and to us they are worth the effort and occasional sacrifices. Since eating more healthily and exercising regularly I have seen an improvement not just in my body shape, but in my mood, digestion, energy, sleep, and in my hair and skin.

So today I just wanted to do a short blog post on foods that are great for skin as I think people underestimate the impact your diet and activity can have on its appearance! I remember reading an article written by a well known dermatologist in the US and when asked for her top tip she cited that what you put into your body is far more beneficial than what you put on it. In other words you can use all the expensive creams and serums you like but if your diet is not good you are not going to see the results you want! Better to commit to knowing more about the nutrition behind good skin and try to incorporate more of these foods regularly.

So with that in mind here’s my top 4 foods for skin:

avocado hand (more…)