DIY creative water/sand table


Sometimes September can be our best month for nice sunny weather. Typical!!! When the kids go back to school.

We want to make the most of these lovely sunny days because we all know what Ireland is like! But we’re going to be positive and hope that we will have some more of glorious sunshine this month.

I want to share with you a very easy water/ sand table that I made up for my little ones to enjoy, while they are playing outside in the sun. I had wanted to buy a water/sand table for my little girls 2nd birthday but couldn’t find a suitable one anywhere. I found that they were either very expensive or not very big (and there needed to be room for two kids to play comfortably together).

So then I thought, maybe I could just make something up myself that would be bigger and more affordable.The resulting sand/water table is exactly what I was looking for and was a big hit with the kids! They have been playing with it since early May (hence the slightly more wintery clothes in the picture!) and it’s still keeping them amused for hours.

Here is how I made it:

1) The frame of the table is the Latt kids table set from ikea, €22. You assemble the table as normal but just don’t put the white top on (It can be then used as a table again in the winter,so you get two 2 tables in 1 :) ). The frame of the table is not waterproof so I gave it a few coats of a clear, waterproof varnish that I had in the garage.


2 ) The boxes (that hold the sand/water) are under-bed storage boxes from Argos. They cost €14.99 for two boxes and had two lids included. They are available in two colours so you will have a choice of pink or blue


3)You can also pick up play sand in Argos or in toy shop or art & hobby store. Argos is the best value though in my opinion at just €3.49 for a 15kg bag.

Then you just pop the box into the frame, no screws needed. And you’re done!

A nice spacious water/sand table for your little ones and very little hassle for mum or dad :-)



Ikea also have some lovey sand toys such as these cute little digging sets. You can choose from a range of different styles in the sandig range and prices range from €1.30 – €6 (for the sets).



Now there is an excuse to head up to Ikea…as if we ever need one! 😉 Hope you enjoyed this post!

F x

Protein Pancakes & Gooey Clean Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate pancakes

I’m hugely into nutrition and healthy eating…but I have a very sweet tooth!

I’m also a big believer in treating yourself a couple of times a week as we all need something to look forward to! The 80/20 approach really works for Fainche and I – we try to eat good, healthy unprocessed food as much as possible during the week and then we factor in a couple of treats into the weekend to stop us going crazy! Seriously though we find that a ‘cheat’ meal or two stops us craving the ‘bad’ stuff and keeps us satisfied. It’s easier to be healthy during the week when you have indulged a bit at the weekend!

Since I have a sweet tooth my biggest temptation is usually chocolate, so I make variations of clean desserts using cacao powder (raw unprocessed chocolate). Some previous recipes are up here on the blog including our favourite avocado chocolate mousse. I’ve discovered another delicious use for cacao recently though so I thought I would share my newest favourite dessert with you. This is amazing and really hits the spot if you need a chocolate fix! Its rich and  gooey but also has lots of nutrients and goodness – more about that  below.

First the recipe for my Protein pancakes with Gooey Clean Chocolate Sauce….


What’s all the fuss about’ good’ fats?!

heart avocado

How many good fats can you name? How many of these do you eat regularly?!

Good fats are a buzz word right now and there is a lot of focus on including them in our diets. Social media is full of recipes for chia puddings and avocado chocolate mousse but realistically we cant be whipping these up every day!

We need a regular supply of good fats to keep us healthy so we need to find easier ways to incorporate them into our daily diet.

I try to include as many different good fats into my diet as possible – while also in moderation. Good fats are still high in calories so if you eat too much you will put on weight!.Knowing the recommended portion sizes is important – more about that to follow.

Good fats have so many benefits and I have really noticed these since I started making them a regular part of my own diet. They moisturise your skin and hair from the inside (better than a face cream ever will!), keep you feeling fuller for longer, make you feel more satisfied after a meal (so you’re not craving other stuff) and speed up your metabolism (so that you actually burn off more fat).

If you restrict fat too much your metabolism will slow down and your body will actually try to store fat because it reverts to famine mode. Not what you want!AND when you start to eat normally again…your metabolism has slowed down and won’t burn calories as effectively.Eating good fats keeps your metabolism revved up and in prime fat burning mode.When people ask me about my diet I always tell them that I eats lots of good fats (I do exercise as well) and that I haven’t put on weight because of this.I can also see a difference in my skin.

Good fats also  have a huge impact on your brain and your mood in general which has been a big thing for me as I have suffered from anxiety. As a result am now really mindful of how my diet can help or hinder me in this area.Getting my omega 3 and good fats will always be a huge priority for me in looking after my mental health.

So we have established that good fats are just great – sothen why aren’t more people eating them?!

I think the main things that prevents people eating more good fats are:

1) Confusion over which fats are actually the ‘good’ ones!

2) An over-reliance convenience foods that do not contain good fats!

3) A view that good fats can’t taste that good or are boring

4) Being stuck in a food rut and not knowing how to    incorporate good fats into their everyday diet

So firstly…the bit that will bring you back to home economics class! I’ll keep this very simple…


Good fats come in two forms – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

  • Polyunsaturated fats are mainly found in plant foods and have been proven to decrease the risk of heart disease. They are found in foods like flax seed, walnuts and mackerel.
  • Monounsaturated fats have a slightly different chemical composition to polyunsaturated fats (the sciencey bit!) and are found in olive oil,hazelnuts.

Its best to try and include a mix of these in your diet so try and vary it up when you can. This will ensure you get the different nutrients that different foods provide.

Good fats provide omega 3, 6 and 9 which we know are important for our health.However most of us actually consume enough or even too much omega 6 & 9 and not enough omega 3.That’s because our own bodies produce omega 9 and omega 6 is found in common foods like meat, eggs and dairy.

Omega 3 is only found in a certain few foods such as flax seed, oily fish and walnuts. It cannot be manufactured by the human body so if you don’t eat any of these regularly you could easily be deficient.

The best way to avoid this is to take a good quality omega 3 supplement every day.

There is some debate on whether we need to take supplements if we are eating healthily but nearly all experts agree that most of us don’t get enough omega 3 naturally through our diet.

Omega 3 deficiency can cause a lot of health issues from increased anxiety and depression to dry skin and joint problems so if there’s one supplement that I would recommend for everybody across the board it’s this.

If you find it hard to remember to take supplements try leaving it somewhere prominent like in your handbag or set an alarm for the same time each day. Look for supplements with a high level of EPA/DHA as this means they are better quality and much more effective in terms of their benefits.

For optimum health and mental well-being it is recommended we take in 1000mg of EPA/DHA a day. This might sound complicated but it basically just means checking the packaging and making sure that the EPA/DHA level is as close to this as possible! That way you can be sure you are buying a good quality supplement.

No matter how busy we are I think we can all  manage to take one or two capsules a day! It’s an easy way to make a big  difference to your health.


When it comes to the ‘bad fats’ these come under two headings:

  • Saturated fats

These raise cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. They also caught weight gain if activity does not exceed the amount you consume. Examples of saturated fats are cheese,meat (like pork) and cream.

  • Trans fats

These are the worst fats you can eat and have been linked to many diseases from alziemers to infertility.Unlike saturated fats which occur naturally (for example in animal foods like cream), trans fats are ‘manufactured’ fats hence why they are described as the worst fats you can eat. If you eat doughnuts, croissants, crisps you will unfortunately be consuming trans fats..!

Most processed meals or snacks will not contain good fats. Foods like butter, pasta sauce, cheese and chocolate contain saturated fats or hydrogenated (trans) fats.These are OK to include in moderation, along with activity, but if you are serious about healthy eating you should try to cut them out of your diet as much as possible.

They contribute to weight gain and disease and don’t have any of the same health benefits that good fats do.There are many good fats that you can substitute for bad fats (for example using olive oil on bread instead of butter) so it’s just a matter of becoming aware and making some small changes in your diet! Make one substitution at a time and it won’t be a big effort.

The best way to ensure you get more good fats into your diet is to make as much of your meals yourself so that you can substitute the fat for good fat. Meals or treats made with good fats can taste just as good – they just take a bit more effort!When you make your meals from scratch you will still be using fat – but you will know it’s the good kind.

Once you are aware of all the benefits of good fats you will find yourself wanting to increase these in your diet. It’s not a case of depriving yourself…just thinking outside the box a little when it comes to planning your meals! Once you put a bit of thought into it there are easy ways you can include them.

In my next blog post I will give three suggestions for easy ways to get more good fats into your diet.

But that’s probably enough information to ‘digest’ for now!

S x


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How to Fit in Your Work Out

rsz_1blog_workout_4We all know that exercise is important. Besides maintaining weight it also has great benefits for our mood, our circulation (which benefits our skin) and our energy levels. It also has the added bonus of raising our metabolism so even at rest we are burning more calories

The main problem for most people though is finding a way to fit it in. Our lifestyles today are so busy and living in a country with very little sunshine and constant rain presents a further challenge! We know ourselves that you can have the best of intentions but sometimes life just gets in the way.

However, in the same way, there will always be a reason not to exercise so you do have to make it a priority. Any exercise is better than none but regularity is better than intense bursts. It has to become a habit but also be manageable with all your other commitments. The key is finding what works for you. Here’s our top tips for creating an exercise plan that will stick… (more…)

Peanut Butter Oaties

2015-07-03_13.29.58 (1)

Hi Everyone, This is such a great quick treat to make. They are simple to make and are so yummy!! Only 3 ingredients! Just before dinner i often whip up a batch to have with a cup of green tea after dinner.  Give them a try and let us know how you got on! (more…)

Healthy Food = Healthy Skin!

Healthy eating has so much more benefits than just maintaining weight or preventing disease. What you eat has an impact on so many areas which is why we have made it a lifestyle for us – we have seen all the results and to us they are worth the effort and occasional sacrifices. Since eating more healthily and exercising regularly I have seen an improvement not just in my body shape, but in my mood, digestion, energy, sleep, and in my hair and skin.

So today I just wanted to do a short blog post on foods that are great for skin as I think people underestimate the impact your diet and activity can have on its appearance! I remember reading an article written by a well known dermatologist in the US and when asked for her top tip she cited that what you put into your body is far more beneficial than what you put on it. In other words you can use all the expensive creams and serums you like but if your diet is not good you are not going to see the results you want! Better to commit to knowing more about the nutrition behind good skin and try to incorporate more of these foods regularly.

So with that in mind here’s my top 4 foods for skin:

avocado hand (more…)

Our Faves – Clean Chocolate Mousse!

choc mousse clean

Hi everyone!

I think the biggest challenge of clean eating is still finding ways to have your treats, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me! It is possible though – it just takes a bit more time & effort.

As chocolate is a big favourite of ours, (and most peoples I think to be fair!) this clean mousse recipe is a popular one, good for when that chocolate craving hits you. The great thing about this dessert too is that it actually has health benefits – the good fats are great for your skin and the cacao powder is full of antioxidants, which prevent disease and are anti-aging. The fact that it’s made with natural sweeteners also means that it doesn’t give that sugar slump afterwards and it doesn’t mess with your insulin the way refined sugars do. (more…)

What I’ve learned…about making choices

think less

Life is full of choices, some big (relationships, career, children) some small (what to order for lunch!) but ever present. Considering we make so many choices in a given day, you would think we would be experts by adulthood. Why is it then that when faced with a big decision, or even not a so big one, we can find ourselves paralysed, confused and in deep despair? (more…)

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