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Welcome to She is me…an Irish Health & Beauty blog for women like us!

Who are we?

In a nutshell – Two cousins, two different lives, one shared passion for wellness!

One of us is a wife and mummy, the other a teacher who is working while exploring new directions.

We weren’t always into health though…in our younger days making perfume from rose petals and choreographing dance routine was more our thing. And In the days of penny sweets and pocket money we weren’t exactly big on making healthy choices – apple drops were our drug of choice!

We’ve grown up together, despite often living on opposite ends of the world and yet have remained close through it all, so much so,  that we consider each other as a sister more than a cousin.

After years trying different diets & approaches, learning and growing, we finally came to the conclusion that the best way to be truly healthy is to make it a lifestyle. Since then that has been our purpose and we have shared the journey together.

However we also know that even with the best intentions life can sometimes just get in the way!

Kids, work, family commitments…there will always be other parts of life that will take precedence.

So our ‘philosophy’?

To make health a priority in our everyday lives, while also cutting ourselves some slack when things just don’t go to plan -as they often don’t! We’re not perfectly healthy but we just do the best we can. And so far that approach has worked for us. Because it’s sustainable – and for anything that’s going to benefit you long term it’s got to be sustainable. We don’t rigidly follow any particular diet like paleo or atkins, and we are not vegan or strictly vegetarian. Instead we aim to eat ‘clean’ 80% of the time, and make most of our meals low carb, high protein with good fats. We also limit red meat and eat as many plant based sources as possible (while still enjoying the odd steak!) We take elements of all healthy eating plans and in doing so have made a plan that works for US!

Having learned this for ourselves we would love to help and inspire others to adopt this kind of attitude. To finally get to grips with their health,once and for all, we feel we have. To find a healthy balanced lifestyle that works for  YOU! We know that we will always be ‘a work in progress’ but there are so many rewards to good health that we really feel it’s worth the effort!

So after years of health based conversations, sharing tips, swapping recipes and reading other people’s blogs we have decided to start our own little blog to share our findings with more than just each other. Our aim is to create a blog that we ourselves would like to follow – one that inspires & motivates readers to improve their health, in practical achievable ways.

So if we sound a bit like you, or where you’d like to be, then we’d love if you’d join us on the journey!

Fainche & Síofra

She is me <3



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