Healthy Food = Healthy Skin!

Healthy eating has so much more benefits than just maintaining weight or preventing disease. What you eat has an impact on so many areas which is why we have made it a lifestyle for us – we have seen all the results and to us they are worth the effort and occasional sacrifices. Since eating more healthily and exercising regularly I have seen an improvement not just in my body shape, but in my mood, digestion, energy, sleep, and in my hair and skin.

So today I just wanted to do a short blog post on foods that are great for skin as I think people underestimate the impact your diet and activity can have on its appearance! I remember reading an article written by a well known dermatologist in the US and when asked for her top tip she cited that what you put into your body is far more beneficial than what you put on it. In other words you can use all the expensive creams and serums you like but if your diet is not good you are not going to see the results you want! Better to commit to knowing more about the nutrition behind good skin and try to incorporate more of these foods regularly.

So with that in mind here’s my top 4 foods for skin:

avocado hand

1. Avocado

It’s no secret that we love avocado! It’s just so good for you and so versatile that it should be on everyone’s shopping list. Its full of skin loving nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin e and the good fats nourish, acting like a moisturiser from within – and a very cheap one at that! Experts recommend to eat a half an avocado as a portion and there’s countless recipes online which give ideas on how you can use it. Our personal favourites are as a base for our treats such as our clean chocolate mousse and cake frosting, chopped into a salad or paired with steak or soy dishes. By using avocado as the fat source for clean desserts it means you can enjoy your treat even more, knowing that you are actually providing some goodness for your body and skin! It’s a win win!

2.Sweet Potato and Butternut squash

Bright orange vegetables are skin heroes because the colour indicates that they contain beta carotene – which is converted in the body to vitamin a. You might notice that a lot of moisturisers and eye creams contain vitamin a as a main ingredient so its an essential nutrient for building cell turnover. By eating these foods you are getting it internally. Regular followers of our Facebook page will know that we love our sweet potato chips which we roast in coconut oil, sea salt and spices. The coconut oil provides healthy fats which made them an even better skin food! Plus it helps that they taste really, really good! I’m not a huge fan of butternut squash for dinner so instead I blend it in a smoothie with pineapple and lime!

butternut sq smmoothie

3.Nuts and seeds

Again good fats are a key skin ingredient and nuts and seeds provide omega 3, 6, and 9 fats as well as nutrients like Vitamin  E selenium and zinc. Zinc is especially good for those of us that would have acne or oil prone skin as its needed to ensure the oil glands work properly.

Its easy to incorporate more nuts in your diet as there are lots to choose from and lots of ways to eat them from raw as a snack on the go to roasted and chopped over salads, porridge or clean desserts (roasted hazelnuts taste really good when sprinkled on our favourite clean chocolate mousse) Don’t be afraid to branch out and try less common ones like pecans or walnuts or to try nut butters like almond butter as an alternative to plain almonds. Get the recipe for our clean chocolate mousse here.

choc mousse clean

4. Fruit

Most people are aware that Vitamin C is important for immunity but you may not realise that its also an essential ingredient for glowing radiant skin! That’s because Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production (yes that’s the stuff some people inject into their face..!), so high levels of vitamin c makes skin cells plump an makes your complexion bright. The most common fruit that people associate with vitamin c are oranges and apples but kiwis are actually one of the highest sources there is! And kiwis also contain other good skin nutrients like Vitamin E and Vitamin K (which helps dark circles –  I need lots of this!)

If you want to be really good you could blend a kiwi and lime with green veg such as spinach and kale to make a super skin smoothie. Beats big scary needles of poison any day we think!

So there you have it…the skin saviours…We’d love to hear if you have tried incorporating more skin friendly foods into your diet and if you’ve noticed a difference in your complexion! As always feel free to leave us a comment below!





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