It’s not always A or B…learn to see the C!

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I think a major obstacle for people in improving their health, is the all or nothing attitude, that causes us to give up or prevents us even starting. We feel that in order to be healthier or happier we must do x y or z and if we can’t manage to do those things, then we have failed. A key factor in long-term health though is flexibility – if you intend to make something a part of your daily life, then you have to find ways to make it work in your daily life – in other words you have to embrace the c!

Here’s just three examples of how ‘seeing the C’ can help you keep your health goals on track!

1. Exercise – To exercise or not to exercise?

We all know it’s important to exercise regularly but it’s easier said than done. Lack of energy, work commitments, kids and even boredom can all get between you and your good intentions. A lot of the time though, people put unrealistic expectations on themselves and feel that it’s either run x amount of kilometres or skip it entirely and feel guilty. You should always try to do the best workout you can, but for times that it just becomes too difficult, learn to adjust your expectations and do something that’s more achievable. For instance if a 5k run is out of the question that evening then go for a walk at lunchtime instead. Or if you don’t have the energy to go spinning then do a shorter aerobic or weights workout at home. Anything is better than nothing and you’ll feel the benefit of any exercise whether it’s the fresh air, headspace or just getting your circulation moving after sitting stationary all day. Finding the middle .

2. Eating out – Blow out or not go out?

Eating out is one of life’s greatest pleasures but if you’re trying to be healthier or lose weight then it can be seen as an obstacle to achieving your goal. The trick again is not to adopt an ‘all or nothing attitude’ in this situation – you can go out and enjoy your meal without completely undoing your hard work or abandoning your new healthy habits. An example of this is to choose either food or alcohol on a night out or to choose your favourite course to indulge in and then just be sensible in your other choices. If you’re like me and love dessert, then avoid the fried foods and creamy sauces and have a side salad so you can save your splurge for this. Other little things like avoiding sugar filled soft drinks or passing on the bread can also make a big difference overall. That way you can have the best of both worlds and nor feel deprived or disheartened in any way. Win, win!

3. Sugar Carvings – Treat or beat?

All of us, especially us girls get an attack of the sugar cravings now and again, usually in the evenings when we’re sitting down or vegging out. It’s one of the hardest things to deal with when you are trying to be healthy because resisting them is NOT easy, sometimes you feel like you would actually kill for some chocolate! But even if you don’t possess will power of steel, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to gorge on a giant Tobler one! There is a C. If you are really feeling the need for something sweet then don’t try to fight it or you’ll just end of craving it more. Instead just try to think of the healthiest possible way to satisfy the craving whether it be making up a more ‘clean’ dessert (we love avocado chocolate mousse!) or picking a sweet but healthy treat like fruit salad or honey on toast. If chocolate will only do then by all means have some – just try to limit it to a couple of squares and choose the highest cocoa content that you can take (it’s amazing how your taste buds adapt to the more bitter flavour over time – regular chocolate can even – shock horror! – start to taste too sweet!) This approach means you can stop obsessing over the craving and not feel like you overindulged either. The trick is planning ahead for these moments and having healthier options on hand.

So next time you find yourself about to abandon your new healthy regime, because of a seemingly unavoidable obstacle, take a minute to consider if there is another option you haven’t considered. As with everything in life balance is the key to maintaining healthy habits, so try your best to look for the C!






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