Why kiwis should be on your shopping list!


Kiwis are overlooked and underrated but they’re actually a great fruit to include in your weekly shop! They’re cheaper than most fruits, easy to eat, low GI and very nutritious! Here’s just some of their benefits:

She is healthy – Immunity

We all know that Vitamin C is great for boosting immunity but when we think of Vitamin C, most people reach for the oranges. Kiwis actually contain more Vitamin C than an orange and don’t produce mucous like oranges can. So if your a bit congested but in need of a ‘vit hit’ then grab a kiwi instead!

She is Gorgeous – Skin food

Vitamin C is needed to build collagen, so kiwi is a great for skin and helps prevent the dreaded wrinkles! It also has a high Vitamin E content which moisturises and is an antioxidant (AKA it neutralises those pesky free radicals!)

She is Mummy – Development & Digestion

Kiwis are good for children’s health because as well as boosting immunity, the copper they contain helps brain and bone development. Another major benefit of kiwis is that they are an excellent laxative, so if little ones are suffering from constipation they can be a Godsend!

I think kiwis are one of the handiest snack fruits because they don’t need peeling or washing, so you can just bung them in your bag and attack them later with a spoon! I know some people though , especially kids, can find them a little bitter on their own. So here are just three other ideas for incorporating them into your (or their) daily diet:

1. Blend in a juice with sweeter fruits like pineapple, strawberries or banana

2. Chop them into yogurt with homemade granola and other fruits/nuts

3. Mix with unsweetened apple juice and freeze to make kiwi ice pops

So there you have it, they may not look the prettiest, but the kiwi is a pretty good little fruit! Look past the usual oranges or apples and maybe give them a try!


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