Goal set? Its all about Mind Set

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Our Monday MindSet this week was ‘One step at a time’ –  new week, new goal!

We all have goals in life whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, securing a new job, finding a partner…or maybe even all of the above! Since we generally pretty much know what it is we want, setting the goals tends to be the easiest part. In my experience, the challenge for most people is actually making them happen and this can be a huge source of frustration, especially if the goal is really important to you and impacting on  your life.

These are just some tips that I have found to be useful, in getting from goal set…to met

Take it one step at a time

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the task at hand. Starting off, a goal can seem so daunting, maybe even impossible, but the trick is to just focus on the first steps. If you start thinking you can’t have any chocolate for a week, or a month, then of course you’re going to fail before you even start! Better to just think ‘I won’t have chocolate today and ill have x instead’. I remember reading a quote that said something to the effect of ‘When you start off on a journey you cant see the destination right ahead, but you keep driving anyway, just focusing on the piece of the road that is in front of you’. I love that analogy and find it really helps me when I ‘set out’ to achieve a new goal!

Preparation is your best friend

Achieving a goal takes work and its all too easy to give in if it becomes too difficult. That’s why you need to prempt any obstacles that might get in your way and ‘smooth the path’ for yourself so to speak! So if you want to make that exercise class for instance, pack your gym bag the night before or lay your clothes out at home so you can just change and be out the door before you can talk yourself out of it!

Keep a ‘done it’ list

While to-do lists are important for attacking the next steps of a goal, I find keeping a ‘done’ list is also good for keeping up your motivation and staying positive about your progress. Sometimes you can feel like you’re getting nowhere so writing down all the little things you DID do shows you otherwise! As a certain supermarket likes to say…Every little helps! 😉

Lose the ‘all or nothing’ attitude

We tend to think that in order to achieve a goal, we have to give 100% everytime or else there’s no point. While I’m all for maximum effort and doing your best,  I’ve found that this kind of attitude just stops you doing anything  – and any progress is better than none. So if it’s a case that you cant do a full workout, then do a quick circuit for ten minutes. Or if you’re too wrecked to write a write that blog post, just scribble down a rough outline. You’ll feel better after taking some action and this will feed your positivity also. Always remember ANYTHING is better than NOTHING!

Cut yourself some slack

When we set a goal we tend to go gung ho and put huge pressure on ourselves to stick to it rigidly –  but in life that just wont be realistic sometimes! So if you get times when other stuff takes over and you didn’t get to do what you hoped, then cut yourself some slack and just try again the next day. Taking a break or a day off wont ruin your goal but giving up certainly will so keep some perspective and you WILL get there!!!

Now the only question…which goal is up first?!






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