The power couples of the food world!

fruit nuts power couple

Victoria & David, Brad & Angelina, Beyoncé & Jay Z…two is definitely better than one in Celeb Land.

Introducing the new power couples of the food world – good on their own but even better together…

1) Spinach…plus one pepper

Spinach is well known as an iron rich food but you will absorb more iron from it if you eat it with a food high in vitamin c. Pepper is a vegetable high in vitamin c so together these two are a winning combination. Wonder if anyone told Popeye?!

2) Fruit…and nuts

We all know the benefits of fruit…but its also high in natural sugar which can raise your blood sugar levels and leave you with a slump and even cravings. Protein rich nuts will act as a perfect partner by balancing blood sugar and stop you going a bit…err.. nutty!

3) olive oil

Tomatoes are a brilliant anti-aging food because of  their magic ingredient called lycopene which is fat soluble. Therefore adding good fats like olive oil to tomatoes will maximise the magic. Ta-da!

4)  Green tea…laced with lemon

The tea of choice of the health conscious…a squeeze of lemon added to your cuppa will stop the breakdown of the antioxidants (the good stuff) so it can stay in the body and do its thing.

5) Carrots…a la salsa

Dipping your carrots in salsa will not only spice up your snack but it will also fire up your immune system. Vitamin A in carrots + Vitamin C/ Lycopene in tomatoes = major boost to immunity. Plus its also great for your skin… Now that’s a multi-tasking couple.


So when it comes to healthy foods…get matchmaking and LOVE the benefits 😉

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