Planning on doing an Easter hunt with the kids??

Easter Treats That Aren't Candy by livestrong #Kids #Easter #Treats

My family do an Easter hunt in the wood with the kids every year. I picked up some of these plastic Easter eggs in the Euro shop.(12 for €1) They are great for holding little treats. Last year I put some organix animal biscuits inside the plastic eggs. Just to mix it up a bit so that the kids don’t have too much chocolate :)

I also picked up some Easter buckets for €1.50 each for the kids to collect their eggs along the hunt.

plastic eggs


If you really want to try and stay away from them having too much chocolate here are some other non-food things you can put in easter eggs. It does not have to cost much. Its amazing what you will find in a euro shop.

Kiddie rings





little action figures

puzzles pieces ( it will take a couple eggs, but when they find them all, they have a puzzle to put together)



bouncy balls

hair accessories (bows, bands,clips)

Its a great day out!! Hope you have a great easter hunt :)


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