8 Reasons to start drinking lemon water

lemon water imagelemon water

Lemon water, whether warm or cold, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your body every morning

Water is vital for our health as we all know we should be drinking up to 8 glasses day every day. I find it hard some days to even have one so if you want something a little more exciting than plain water with a kick – make it lemon water!  Lemon water in the morning is so good for you and comes loaded with benefits for your whole body. Fill up a big jug and get glugging!

Here are 8 reasons that should convince you to start!

SKIN  Lemon water can do wonders for your skin. A glass or two every morning can keep your skin clear and glowing and will keep up your overall hydration

IMMUNE SYSYTEM Lemons are a packed with great nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium. These  will help you fight colds and keep your immune system running strong.

DIGESTION I suffer from indigestion a lot and I really find grabbing a cup of warm water and lemon instantly relieves it.  Lemon water is known for helping with your digestive tract and loosening toxins.  It also can help ease bloating. Which is always a plus, don’t you agree ladies?!

ENERGY BOOST A great benefit of having lemon water in the morning is you will gain some energy. Once the lemon water is in your digestive tract it will boost your energy and has also been known to help enhance your mood throughout the day.

HEALING Lemons (Vitamin C) have anti-inflammatory properties that will help your body heal faster. It can help if you’re trying to fight stress or trying to heal a wound.

CLEANSING Lemons are also known for their cleansing attributes when it comes to your liver, kidneys and blood.  By cleansing these parts it will help with energy levels and will make you feel great! Cleansing toxins also = clearer skin so its a great beauty booster.

WEIGHT LOSS Want a super easy way to promote weight loss? Lemon water is a great stepping stone when you are trying to lose some pounds. Having a glass will help you fight hunger cravings and eat less over all.Believe it or not, the cleansing properties of lemon get rid of extra internal waste in your colon.  An added bonus is the pectin fibers in lemon, which help keep you fuller longer.

FRESH BREATH Lemon water can be a great tool for freshening breath! Having one glass in the morning can reduce bad breath and if you do this every morning it can reduce body odor over time.Lemon is a natural antiseptic and helps the liver by flushing the toxins and bacteria out of your body. The high amounts of Vitamin C in the lemon act as a potent antioxidant to clean out the system, especially when taken on an empty stomach.

 So there you have it. The wonderful benefits of drinking lemon water. Why not start now! Remember you can drink it either hot or cold or why not mix it up during the day!  I love the citrus flavour kick. Hope you do too :) 

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