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We <3 Avocado!


It’s funny when I think back to the first time I tried avocado. I’d heard great things and then was disappointed when the taste was totally not what I had expected! I think a lot of people are a bit dubious about them at first and there almost seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding them! ‘Is it a vegetable or a fruit…?’ ‘What do you do with it?’ ‘How do you know if it’s ripe?’  ‘Do you cook it?!’ -just some of the questions I’ve been asked, being known as the avocado fan that I am! (more…)

Get snack happy – think outside the box!

There’s different opinions on whether it’s a good idea to snack between meals or not. I’m personally a fan of snacks as they keep my blood sugar on an even keel and research has proven that they help keep metabolism high. If I don’t have something between meals I find that I am much hungrier when I do eat, and can end up overeating to compensate. I also get an energy slumps and have been known to get a tad cranky…! (more…)

8 Reasons to start drinking lemon water

lemon water imagelemon water

Lemon water, whether warm or cold, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your body every morning

Water is vital for our health as we all know we should be drinking up to 8 glasses day every day. I find it hard some days to even have one so if you want something a little more exciting than plain water with a kick – make it lemon water!  Lemon water in the morning is so good for you and comes loaded with benefits for your whole body. Fill up a big jug and get glugging!

Here are 8 reasons that should convince you to start! (more…)

Goal set? Its all about Mind Set

one steo at #

Our Monday MindSet this week was ‘One step at a time’ –  new week, new goal!

We all have goals in life whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, securing a new job, finding a partner…or maybe even all of the above! Since we generally pretty much know what it is we want, setting the goals tends to be the easiest part. In my experience, the challenge for most people is actually making them happen and this can be a huge source of frustration, especially if the goal is really important to you and impacting on  your life.

These are just some tips that I have found to be useful, in getting from goal set…to met (more…)